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Arabian Jasmine Absolute

Arabian Jasmine Absolute
Arabian Jasmine Absolute
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Product Code : 75
Brand Name : MEENA
Product Description

Jasmine Absolute refers to the process of making all the different types of Jasmine Essential Oils.The blossoms of the Jasmine plant are very fragile and must be handled with care,if bruised it will destroy the scent.Because the flowers are so delicate,the steam distillation pricess would destroy them.But to be called an essential oil,they must be steam distilled.Jasmine oil is extracted using a Solvent Extraction Method,which makes it an absolute.Another example of a delicate flower that can't be steam distilled is the Rose.

Depending on the variety of Jasmine flowers,they are hrvested either in the morning or evening.Approximately Ten Thousend to twelve thousend blossoms are needed to make One Gram of Oil.

It will take approximately 30 minutes to be absorbed into the body and will remain for several hours before excreting.In Aromatherapy the scent of the oil is the key to the therapy.When we smell these aromas a message is sent to different parts of the brain where the process of stimulating hormones and chemicals in the body begins.Jasmine Absolute oils can be used frequently throughout the day in your body lotions,shampoo,perfumes,soaps and oil diffusers to aid in relaxation.