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Kewra absolute is extracted from Kewra flowers which have a sweet fragrance and a fruity essence to it. This oil is more on the flowery side because of the strong yet soothing fragrance of the flower. For perfumes and for variety of food preparations this Kewra oil is used in order to add the right hint of flavor and fragrance to the final product. The oil is often used in several medical preparations wherein the oil is extensively used in preparing the right kind of product by adding its essential properties to it. Through the steam distillation process the oil is extracted from the Kewra flowers. The process takes proper knowledge and expertise in taking out the oil from the raw material. Prominently used in food industry this oil has the most positive effects on the dish as well as the person who consumes it.

If you are opting for Kewra absolute oil then you must understand the best quality which is available in the market and must pick according to that. Having excellent fixative properties the oil is widely used in perfume industry. People understand and know the need of this oil because of the essential properties that it brings with itself. Kewra oil has got a very sweet, rich and flowery fragrance so; it is widely used in the perfume industry. It is used as a key ingredient in the preparation of various perfumes. Many people prefer buying those perfumes which have the fragrance of Kewra. The aroma is pleasant and cool so you can feel how it brings a complete change in your surroundings.

Uses of Kewra Absolute:

  • Kewra oil has got a very sweet, rich and flowery fragrance so; it is widely used in the perfume industry. People prefer the fragrance and pick it especially for special occasions and to wear it to feel good.

  • This oil has soothing and calming effects on the body so; aroma therapists widely use this oil in various aromatherapy treatments.

  • It is used as an active ingredient in various recipes. It gives a nice fragrance to the food and adds a unique flavor to the dishes.

  • Kewra oil is extensively used as an antibacterial and an antiseptic. Since this oil has stimulant and antispasmodic properties.

  • It is applied on the rheumatoid pains to get instant relief. This oil has therapeutic uses too, the normal body functioning can be enhanced with the help of the oil.

Benefits of Kewra Absolute:

  • The fragrance of the Kewra oil is similar to that of rose oil thus it is majorly used a\in sweets as a decent substitute for fragrance.

  • Kewra Absolute oil is widely used in perfumes as well as for variety of skin and hair preparations.

  • It soothes your skin and adds a glowing charm to it. Kewra Absolute is the best choice when you are looking out for best fragrance with amazing texture.

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