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Jasmine Grandifloram Absolute

Jasmine Grandifloram Absolute
Jasmine Grandifloram Absolute
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Product Description
Jasmine Oil

Our aromatic jasmine oil is known for its enduring fragrance, which makes it the most sought after product in the cosmetic industry around the world. We produce natural jasmine oil pure and free of impurities. Our dedication to the service of producing best quality our oil makes us one of the prominent manufacturers of jasmine oil.  

The Jasmine grandiflorum is best known for its soothing, calming, aphrodisiac properties which promote love and peace. Jasmine grandiflorum has an extremely intense floral scent which lingers. It needs to be diluted to be used directly on the body, and it mixes well with other aphrodisiac type oils.

The delicate blooms of the Jasmine grandiflorum must be treated gently as it takes 12000 blossoms to produce 1 gram of oil, and the blossoms can bruise easily and spoil the absolute.

Jasmine grandiflorum has an aroma that is the most feminine of all the jasmine aromas and could be called - the queen of the king of flowers'. Jasmine as a whole is called the "king of flowers". Jasmine grandiflorum is a morning blossoming variety of jasmine and it is said that the delicate aroma captures the essence of a new day.

Jasmine grandiflorum should be avoided during pregnancy as it will stimulate menstruation and contractions. It is, however recommended during childbirth for a number of reasons. It is calming, but also because it aids contractions. As with all essential oils, you should never take jasmine grandiflorum internally. There is ongoing debate about this, but it is best to air on the side of caution.

Jasmine grandiflorum is also known to aid in the discomfort of an enlarged prostate gland, and to strengthen the male reproductive system, as well as aiding with ailments such as depression, anxiety, listlessness and confidence problems.

Jasmine grandiflorum, as with all varieties of jasmine, can be very strong, and it's easy to become overpowered by it. Try using only a couple of drops at a time and waiting half an hour, to gage how your body will react before going for a more potent blend. Always dilute your jasmine grandiflorum, in a carrier oil or lotion before applying to the skin and use care when adding it directly to the bath, as it will be up to 100 times more potent there.