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Agarwood Oil

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Oud Oil or Agarwood oil has various other names, depending upon the location but the benefits remain the same. Rare and extremely precious oil, Agarwood extracts have major benefits that you will not find in any other wood. The wood and its properties originated from Eastern India and were passed on o various other parts. Agarwood trees are the source from where the wood is extracted and the essential oil is taken out. There are many species of this wood type and few of them are endangered so are protected under suitable acts. Agarwood is a unique and rare wood which has different kinds of uses, depending upon how you wish to utilize the amazing properties of oil which is extracted from it.

The Agarwood trees are widely known but still are found in inaccessible forest regions which make them a rare thing to obtain. There is an interesting way in which the tree gets its fragrance, the fungi infects the tree and produces an oleoresin which saturates the wood. With this natural process the tree gets its aroma. The deep and woody fragrance is loved by people as the process through which it is made, makes it a soothing and refreshing fragrance for use. The wood is rare thus you don’t find its products easily, only few of the best producers who understand the wood and its uses are working on producing and selling it in the market. Agarwood oil is something that comes out to be the best form and use of this wood.

The Agarwood Oil is majorly used in:

  • Medicinal history of the tree and its oils date back to many years wherein people use the oil in healing. The oil is said to have healing properties to it.

  • Different kinds of oils are extracted from this one species of wood as the extract is refined and made non sticky so that it can be applied to the skin directly.

  • Agarwood Tree oil is widely used in aromatherapy because its fragrance helps in soothing down the senses and relieves the person from negativity and stress.

  • It is a nice bathing oil too which helps in adding the essential oils to your skin and thus making it soft and supple.

Benefits of Agarwood Oil:

  • Helps you carry a soothing fragrance which relaxes your mind, body and helps you stay fresh all day long.

  • Non- sticky oil can be applied directly to the skin, helping you get a soothing massage that relaxes your muscles and senses.

  • A warm water bath with few drops of Agarwood oil in it can be all that you need by the end of the day to relax your mind.

  • Since it is made with natural process, you don’t have to worry about its authenticity and its remarkable quality.

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