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Ajowan or Ajwain is an essential oil which is highly used in homes from ancient times. This ingredient is the most basic yet effective one that is used as a homemade medication. Basically used at the time of stomach ache or digestion problems and it is a perfumed raw material which is used at the time of cooking as well. Obtained from the fruits of carum copticum which is cultivated in black soil, Ajowan is a seed that contains various properties which make it exceptionally different from any other seed. The oil which is derived from this seed is almost colorless with a strong fragrance and sharp hot taste.

Apart from being a well known and widely used spice it has great properties which help in digesting and in improving the condition caused due to stomach ache or infections. The seeds work wonders on any kind of digestive problems and thus people put it in various food items to reduce the heaviness caused by oily and spicy food. Burns calories and reduces the effect of all the spices and oils that you consume otherwise.

Various uses of Ajowan Oil are:

  • Medical use is the first and the most basic form in which this oil is liked by people. Because of its benefits it is used for medical purposes.

  • It is Antiseptic as it heals the various kinds of troubles going inside to your system.

  • Can be taken before meals as it increases appetite and if you take it after meals it acts as a catalyst for proper digestion.

  • Various stomach infections can be healed by Ajowan oil thus it is liked by people as it has healing properties.

  • Being an anti-acid agent Ajowan is helpful in creating the best and most positive impact on your normal functioning.

Benefits of Ajowan Oil:

  • It helps in easy digestion of food thus making it easy for you to recover faster and heal any kinds of digestion related problems.

  • Heals critical bronchitis condition and any other kind of cough or congestion also.

  • Antibacterial is another attribute that relates with Ajowan Oil. It helps in preventing bad breath and is also used in various mouth washes.

  • Kidney and lever disorders can be healed with proper usage of Ajowan Oil.

  • Insect bites are also treated with the help of Ajowan oil.

  • Diarrhea and flatulence is also treated with the help of this oil. So you must consult your doctor in case you are facing any such issue.

  • Muscle spasm can be completely healed by applying Ajowan oil and proper massage will help the person recover from the pain also.

  • It also helps obese people loose weight and to maintain healthy eating habits. With proper digestion they are able to recover well and maintain a proper chart.

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