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Amyris Oil

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Amyris is an essential oil which is derived from the Amyris tree that is a small slow growing tree. The tree grows 2-4 meters and takes 30 years till it is completely prepared to give you the magical leafs. The sweet essential oil takes time to prepare itself and thus when extracted, the oil comes out in the best quality. The balsamic aroma is relaxing to the nerves and takes you to another planet with its soothing fragrance. The fragrance of Amyris oil is relaxing and calming to the nerves. Cooling is the most basic and the most effective attribute of this oil. The cooling effect soothes down the sexual anxiety and gives the anti-inflammatory action.

Amyris is also commonly known as West Indian Sandalwood usually used as base note fixative oil. In place of true sandalwood this oil can be a great substitute it is mainly used in a different manner in different places. Like a healthy, inexpensive way this oil is a great option for the perfect aromatherapy session. It is the best substitute to sandalwood that is said to have one of the most pleasant fragrances. The oil has properties that will support your system and will work as a soothing agent that helps you relive the pains and troubles.

Uses of Amyris Oil:

  • It is commonly used in soaps and body washes as the substitute of sandalwood to add that fine fragrance to the product.

  • Often used in meditative blends to calm the mind and spirit for a relaxing meditative session.

  • Majorly used as a fixative in perfumes, the amazing fragrance is liked by people.

  • At the time of bath or to inhale, the essential oil can be used as a remedy for anxiety, confusion, and low self confidence.

  • The fragrance of Amyris Oil is a great substitute of sandalwood, by that you can understand the fragrance and quality.

  • To soothe the muscles and relax your senses in a proper manner so that you fell relieved from any sorts of pains.

Benefits of Amyris Oil:

  • Aromatherapy is the first and foremost benefit of the Amyris Oil. The soothing fragrance and cooling essentials are good enough to light up your senses.

  • It anchor’s ones energy in a state of receptivity which in turn opens up the person towards the feeling of love and affection.

  • Balances your natural rhythm and balances in a proper manner with the help of its fragrance and the soothing feeling that comes with it.

  • Excellent oil for dreamers, artists and musicians as the fragrance helps them connect them with creative source of energies.

  • Beautifies the skin and relaxes the mind, the amazing properties of Amyris oil are very effective on people who are going through a rough and negative phase.

  • The oil helps in smoothening your skin and helps you feel better.

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