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Dehnul Oud Attar

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Dehnul-Oud-Attar is considered as highly pure and organic in nature. This characteristic aroma oil is obtained from the Brown Semi Solid tree of Aquilaria agallocha which has a place with the thymelaeaceae gang. Agallocha is one of the types of Aquilara which is utilized as a part of extraction system to get this charming fragrant attar. Wooden parts are utilized as they have high content of resin. This attar is free from any kind of debauchment and extracted by the high quality of wood resin. This semi strong tree belongs to the Thymelaeaceae crew. This tree is mainly found in the forests of Assam in India and known for its satisfying fragrance and astounding helpful properties. This tree has a flashpoint of 170. It is obtained by the big method of Hydro-Distillation process. This characteristic fragrance is obtained through natural extraction process which is prominent as steam distillation procedure.

This attar is exceptionally vital component of all the natural fragrances because of its pleasant and string aroma which has a charming quality. With its simple application one can dissipate a few worries and feel relaxed. This attar is highly beneficial for external use.

The mind captivating fragrance of this natural aroma can be utilized by men and ladies alike. The scent can diffuse into the body which stays for long and has an enduring effect.

Dehnul- Oud-Attar is of pale yellow color. It has an exceptionally woody, strong, musky and satisfying smell.

Following are the uses of this attar – This attar is viewed as perfect in curing a few afflictions that is the reason it has become an eye candy amongst the individuals worldwide.

  • Aroma Therapy: This natural attar has an exceptionally solid, masculine and satisfying smell which has relieving and cooling impact on mind and body. It soothes your nerves and empowers your mind that is the reason it is perfect aroma therapy attar which is utilized to de-stress your brain and additionally reduce trepidation, depression, stress and others.

  • Cosmetics items: Being alcohol free and in addition because of its skin benevolent nature, it is utilized as an aromatic agent in loads of cosmetic items at a vast scale to give majestic smell to these items.

  • Natural Perfume: Due to its pleasant fragrance, it is generally utilized as a natural scent and worn by both ladies and gents similarly. This fragrance is in a huge demand in view of its enduring aroma.

Conclusion - This common fragrance oil assumes a critical part in treating the different wellbeing illnesses and widely utilized as a part of aroma therapy. It is additionally utilized as a part of the base of different exclusive perfumes and restorative item. It is yellow in color and had originated from India.

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