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Nargis Attar

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Nargis Attar

Nargis Attar is a floral-fruity fragrance, sweet and romantic. Its name has an Arabic origin. The composition of a unique blend of notes opening with plum, peach and apple are available in this magical attar. The middle is filled with Jasmine, culminating in strong woody notes of Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Nargarmotha and white musk to give a lasting effect and leave you in an enchanting aura. More and more people are seeking alternatives to synthetic mass produced alcohol bases perfumes. Nargis Attar is specialized in natural perfumery. The raw material used in the making of this unique attar is flowers and those who like flowery fragrances will love this Nargis Attar, for it is one of the finest flowery fragrances you will ever find. The sweet fragrance of this attar is magical in its own way and helps you feel great, wearing such fragrance means getting the right kind of attention and appreciation as well.

  • Nargis Attar is unique and the way people loved it for its unique properties makes it even more interesting.

  • Hundred percent natural attar makes the perfect gift for your valentine. Just wrap it up and the soothing fragrance will capture your senses like anything.

  • This amazing attar is found in the best form if you contact the best people who ensure that the finest quality is delivered to you.

  • The attar has a calming effect on the body and mind which helps in relaxing your senses and brings you closer to meditative feelings.

  • For those who like sweet fragrances, Nargis Attar is the best choice amongst all. In this attar you find the finest notes of fruits and its best quality.

  • The people who make this attar are experts and they understand how to make the best quality and extract the most natural ingredients for you.

  • Such floral fragrances can be used at the time of aromatherapy as they enhance the experience and help you enjoy better.

The aromatic raw material and the amazing fragrance blooms and captures the heart of people who come across the same. The fragrance is fresh and rarely available in the market, only the best dealers’ deal in this type of attar. Fresh and tender touch of the attar will take you to another world, that amazing hint is worth experiencing and is loved by those who like high and low notes of fragrances. Non- alcoholic attar is good to be applied directly to the skin and has a smooth effect on it. Nargis attar is effective and the best kind of attar that is available for all, this attar has its own way to add the spiritual touch to your body and mind. Test it and use it if there is no negative reaction on your skin.

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