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Oudh Attar Assam India

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Oudh Attar Assam India

Oudh Attar is prepared using flowers of Pimpinella Anisum that grows in Assam region of India. Extracted using traditional techniques, the attar are offered in sandalwood base and have balanced combination of tea-like aroma & soft sweetness of the flowers. Assam is the state which is known for its amazing culture and flourishing lifestyle. Oudh Attar is a specialty of this state as the best methods are used to produce this attar and the finest raw materials are used for the same. The attar blends well with Sandalwood Oil and all other kinds of attars. Pure Sandalwood essential oil, Pimpinella Anisum flower essential oil is used to make this oil and to add the essentials which make it the best attar. The Oudh Attar is made with the best material and it depends on the art of the person who produces the attar that how well he is able to make it in the purest form.

  • Oudh Attar is offered from the Assam region of India and has a soothing aroma that is considered to have cooling properties. These cooling properties make the attar very effective in the summer season.

  • This cooling property makes it very useful in preparation of lotions as well as ointments for boils, bruises & skin inflammations.

  • Steam distillation method is used in extracting this oil and with complete precaution and with the best method this oil is extracted.

  • Brown with tea-like aroma and soft sweetness of the flowers Oudh Attar is the best form of attar.

  • It has remarkable skin uplifting properties and due to which it is used extensively in making of various beauty and skin care products.

  • Due to its intense floral and refreshing aroma, this perfume oil is highly used in the making of various perfumes. Furthermore, it is also used in making of fragrance related products like incense sticks, room freshener, scented candles and others.

  • This perfume oil can invoke your spiritual inclination and let you dive within your inner self. It helps you to concentrate your mind and achieve your meditation goal.

Oudh Attar is effective and the best kind of attar that is available for all, this attar has its own way to add the spiritual touch to your body and mind. The best way to use it is to apply it directly after testing it over your body and after understanding the ways in which it affects your system. The attar is a best choice if you are looking forward to give it away as a gift to your loved ones. This attar oil is having very sensuous, delicate, stimulating and floral aroma which amazingly recharge and rejuvenate your mind and body.

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