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Pink Lotus Attar

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Pink Lotus Attar

Pink lotus is the wonder flower from which the best quality pink lotus attar is extracted. After a proper procedure of Hydro- Distillation this attar is extracted in the most pure forms. The flower is the source which contains all the essentials of this attar; the oil is extracted from the flower itself which is then forwarded for further use. The perfume oil is refreshing and rejuvenating. It helps by giving you a positive feeling throughout the day and by adding spark with its effect in your life. Wear it on a regular day and the light and breezy fragrance of the attar will help you keep going throughout the day. Traditional and organic method is used to extract the oil from the flower, to ensure that the quality of the attar stays intact.  It consists of delicate, earthy and intense floral aroma which is the main essence of this attar.

Pink lotus attar is the best pick because:

  • The Pink Lotus Attar is prepared from the pure pink lotus flowers by using the traditional and organic Hydro-distillation extraction process.

  • The lotus flowers are having three different colors of pink, blue and white with different flower plants. The pink lotus attar is derived from the pink lotus flowers.

  • This perfume oil is having very sensuous, delicate, stimulating and floral aroma which amazingly recharge and rejuvenate your mind and body.

  • It is widely used in the aromatherapy treatments to provide relief from stress, nervousness, anxiety and many other mental ailments.

  • It is also used for manufacturing various perfumes and scented home use products. Its fragrance is known for triggering Crown Chakra and thus used for spirituality and meditation purpose.

  • It has remarkable skin uplifting properties and due to which it is used extensively in making of various beauty and skin care products.

  • Due to its intense floral and refreshing aroma, this perfume oil is highly used in the making of various perfumes. Furthermore, it is also used in making of fragrance related products like incense sticks, room freshener, scented candles and others.

  • This perfume oil can invoke your spiritual inclination and let you dive within your inner self. It helps you to concentrate your mind and achieve your meditation goal.

Pink lotus attar is effective and the best kind of attar that is available for all, this attar has its own way to add the spiritual touch to your body and mind. The best way to use it is to apply it directly after testing it over your body and after understanding the ways in which it affects your system. The attar is a best choice if you are looking forward to give it away as a gift to your loved ones.

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