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Rajnigandha Attar

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The Rajnigandha Attar is unique in the sense that it is a traditional Indian preparation. The fragrance is a mesmerizing combination of the exotic and the floral. Extracted from rajnigandha flowers, the attar has a hauntingly pure sweetness.  The amazing attar blends well with sandalwood oil. The Rajnigandha Attar is an important ingredient in the making of various cosmetics, perfumes and essential oils. With its pure and fresh fragrance, it also finds usage in diverse religious ceremonies. You can use I in various areas and find relief from any mental troubles as the oil is soothing. A very Indian smell, it is very popular in the country as well as worldwide. This plant is native to the Mexico and due to its refreshing aroma this attar is widely used for religious purposes and marriage ceremonies in Indian culture. It is also used in the preparation of various perfumes and cosmetic products.

  • It is having yellow color and It can be easily mixed with sandal wood oil. This attar is safe to use but pregnant women should avoid using it without having the doctor guidance. 

  • The excellent quality of Rajnigandha attar offered by us is obtained through the traditional method to maintain its purity. It is extracted through the steam distillation process from the flower of Rajnigandha.

  • Having hauntingly pure sweetness this attar has a mesmerizing fragrance therefore it is widely used by the perfume industries and in the preparation of scented products.

  • It has very sweet fragrance and widely used for religious purposes in prayers and traditional ceremonies. The spiritual use of this attar is quite common.

  • This attar holds the enchanting floral aroma which has amazing capability to get you relief from mental stress and revitalizing your body. If you are looking for the best stuff then picking this attar is the best choice.

  • This attar is widely used by the aroma therapist to treat various problems such as stress, anxiety and depression. It is very beneficial in revitalizing your body and calming your mind, soul and heart.

  • It has amazing skin regenerating properties which makes it a prime component in manufacturing of the various cosmetic products such as soaps, creams, skin toner, shampoos and many more. 

  • Purest form of Rajnigandha Attar is available with the finest producers who know how well the attar works on the users.

This attar is having wonderful therapeutic properties which are a great pain killer in treating the various problems such as headache, gout pain, rheumatism, joint pains, acne etc. You can find relief from the toughest issues which you are not able to solve otherwise. This attar is having different properties which make it the best choice. All you need to do is find someone who will find the most natural form of the same.

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