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Firdaus Attar

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Firdaus Attar

Firdaus is an Alcohol free Swiss Arabian perfume. The name is derived from the Arabic word meaning The Highest Paradise. This fragrance is wild and musky that will leave you and the people around you, mesmerized. This fragrance will lift your spirits as it is unique in every way and will astound your senses. Pamper yourself with this unique intriguing perfume which comes with high quality packaging that complements this original fine perfume oil.

For any Arabic fragrance lover this scent is surely very hard to resist a must try as well. The best producers produce high quality desirable fragrances that are very well received by men and women all over the world. Swiss Arabian concentrated attar derived with natural methods is alcohol free and safe to use. This genuine and concentrated perfume oil is high quality and longer lasting and is free from alcohol a little of this delightful high quality exotic longer lasting concentrated perfume oil goes a long way. Surely this perfume is a true delight to wear and those who have this perfume love it for its amazing fragrance topped up with elegance.

Firdaus Attar and various reasons to fall in love with this fragrance are:

  • The attar has a long lasting effect when you have to carry it on a tough day as the fragrance stays longer and stays intact for a longer period of time.

  • If you are looking for a different fragrance then picking Firdaus Attar is a good option as you find the best type of attar in your collection.

  • Wise choice is to go for the finest quality as, in case of attars quality is the biggest factor. Find the best quality with the best sellers.

  • Attars are picked as per the personality some like masculine tones whereas others go for feminine tones; get the right kind as per your personality.

  • You can use this fragrance at the time of spa and aromatherapy also; it is liked by people at the time of therapies.

  • It is the best pick if you want to gift someone worth. This can be the best gift for any occasion. Woo your valentine with this amazing fragrance.

  • People who love to mix and match various fragrances can pick this wonderful fragrance and wear it with other tones as well.

The finest fragrances are available in wonderful packing so that you can gift it without any second thoughts. Attars are different and are loved by most of the people if you wish to gift someone, something that stands out then this attar can be the best gift. If you are buying it for yourself make sure you test it in case of sensitive skin, just apply little amount on your palm and check its reaction before buying it.

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