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Juhi Attar

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Looking for long lasting perfumes? You have come to the right place. Check out this Juhi attar that has a great demand in market for its pleasant aroma. Offered attar comes in a liquid form in air tight bottle to prevent to prevent from leakage. This perfume comes in an attractive packaging and can be used for gifting purpose also. Free from chemicals and alcohol, offered attar is safe to use for humans. Offered Juhi attar is gentle to your nose and do not cause irritation and itching to the skin.

Juhi plant is indigenous to India and finds its origin here in this country. Juhi flowers have been used since a long time to offer prayers to God in the temple. This flower is considered pious and is known worldwide for its pleasing aroma. The Juhi Attar is obtained from the Hydro-Distillation process from the Juhi flowers. The attar reflects an orange brown color and possesses a deep, intense and floral fragrance. The botanical name of the plant is Jasminum auriculatum. The plant grows up to the height of 2 meter and requires a temperature between the 15°C to 40°C. Juhi flowers are extensively used to make garlands especially in southern parts of India.

Juhi attar oil blends well with Indian Sandalwood essential oil and other attars. Pregnant ladies must avoid its use and must consult an expert before its use if she needs to use it.

Uses of Juhi Attar

  • Juhi attar is used in aroma therapy as this natural essential oil offers soothing and relaxing feelings to the users.

  • Juhi attar provides relief from the nervous related problem such as stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

  • It is used to produce various perfumery products that can be used in a well assured way.

  • The Juhi Attar is used as prime ingredients in formulation of myriad cosmetic products which include lotions, creams, etc.

  • Juhi attar forms either the key ingredient for the formulation of cosmetic creams lotions and other products or used as a fragrance agent.

  • It is also used in the perfume based products like incense sticks, room fresheners, scented candles and others.

Benefits of Juhi Attar

  • It relives people from tensions, headache, anxiety disorders, depressions and mood imbalances

  • It helps in maintaining the moisture of the skin and the oil balance thereby keeping our skin smooth and well toned.

  • The attar is extensively used in aromatherapy and relieves people from several mental and nervous disorders.

  • It can stimulate the energy of the user and help him or her in the spiritual journey.

  • If offers unique fragrance to various skin care formulations and helps users in maintaining one’s flawless beauty.

  • It can blend well with Sandalwood Oil and all other attars and thus offer the best results on regular massage with this attar.

When it comes to procuring 100 percent pure Juhi attar on a highly affordable price then one must select a prominent supplier that can meet ones needs and requirements and offer one the maximum ROI on the purchase.

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