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Mitti Attar

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Mitti attar is prepared from the hydro distillation method of baked earth of River Ganges. This attar consists of Indian white sandalwood oil and essence of clean baked earth. The mitti attar is soft, nurturing and soothing and very helpful for curing the oily skin. This attar exudes aroma like Earthy, organic scent that captures the purest scent of fallen rain. This oil finds its origin in India.

This attar can be used alone as well as in blends with other attars. This attar is extracted using Compressed Carbon Dioxide (Co2) powerful and pure without a trace of heavy-metal contaminants. It blends well with all other attars and sandalwood floral water.

This is ethically Obtained, sustainably harvested, and 100% natural. It is the scent of the earth and expresses a grounded physicality, this is a smell with depth and nuance. It's a wonderful fragrance for men. On men and women alike, Mitti Attar bestows therapeutic benefits and encourages expansive and rhythmic breathing, restoring a sense of deep and abiding calm that revitalizes the nervous system.

Although this attar is safe to use but it is commonly advised to seek a proper medical guidance before using it for any serious health issue. One must ensure complete safety first and then use it.

Uses of Mitti Attar

  • Mitti Attar is used as a blend in the perfumery industry as it has got very captivating and calm fragrance.

  • It has also been known since time immemorial to be a good skincare element. It reduces extra oil and greasiness from the skin, making it glowing and supple.

  • It is also used in formulation of pain killer medicines especially those related to offering relief from severe menstrual pains.

  • One may use the Mitti Attar to treat the sore throat problem and to relax the nervous system.

Benefits of Mitti Attar

  • Mitti Attar offers refreshing feeling and can rejuvenate one’s skin.

  • It can hel;p one get rid of the oily skin and the extra greasiness making your skin soft and well toned.

  • This attar can help one relax and get a calming feeling due to its captivating fragrance.

  • It works actually best in giving the calming and soothing effects to the body, mind and soul.

  • One can easily get relief from the severe menstrual pains.

  • It can revitalize your nervous system and produce effective relief from tensions and mood swings.

  • This is a good attar for skin and may help one restore one’s flawless beauty.

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